Connecting the past with the present

Castle and Mansion

Dear guests, friends and history lovers. During the entire twenty years of the reconstruction of the Castle and the Manor, my goal was to create a meeting place from this heritage from our ancestors. Thank you to everyone who stood by me throughout the tireless effort to resurrect this unique landmark. I also thank you, the visitors, for the beautiful responses that give me the strength to continue this work. I didn't want to create a museum stagnant in time, but a living monument. So that you can walk here and feel at home.

"Come to feel the difference." - "Prídťe pocítiť rozdiel."
Ing. Dagmar Machová
Castle´s owner

Friend´s comment:
Dagmar Machová - is not an ordinary woman. She is a worthy successor of Countess Magdalena Zai, who was bored of living in cold and uncomfortable, albeit beautiful Gothic castle. So she decided to build a Renaissance mansion with her husband, into which they moved in 1603. After Magdalena, owners, kings, Hungarian aristocrats often changed, but all of them only lived or sporadically maintained the Castle and Manor.
Symbolically, after 400 years, the "woman owner" came again, when Dagmar and I went to look at the abandoned mansion in 2001, over which the ruins of the castle towered majestically. And this beauty was uninhabited for decades, where piles of old fallen and damp walls only hinted at a glorious past. In a panic, I warned my childhood friend that to humanize and renovate this colossus, she would need not one, but dozens of lives and immense finances. However, Dagmar was excited from the first second, she could already visually imagine the end result and couldn't wait to start...
20 years of creative energy of a woman - a genius. She breathed new life into the ancient walls, created a space for Slovak culture and made the object accessible to all history lovers.
Today is 2022 and I am happy, that Dagmar was successfull.
Natasha Florean
May 2022

When chance meets fate, dream meets hope, and past meets future, that's when a miracle happens. Her hand was ready to work, to raise from the dust back to prominence the magical place with the fairy tale memory. It awakened the noble and royal era that reigned in the heart of Liptov in the past. Where others saw only ruins and rubble, she saw a living fairy tale. An elegant beauty who was quietly waiting for the return of her castle mistress. The Castle and Manor in Liptovský Hrádok is a magical place with a family background, a peaceful atmosphere and an ever-living echo of the past.

In the renovated Renaissance mansion with a 400-year history, which surrounds the ruins of a Gothic castle that is more than 700 years old, you will feel at home and enjoy the life of the nobles. The personality of Magdalena Zai, in the guise of the current owner, Dagmar Machová, returned to her mansion years later to restore it to its former glory and breathe new life into it. A national cultural monument with a tradition of interesting owners has in recent years become a sought-after romantic place for reliving history and royal dreaming.

The castle and mansion in Liptovský Hrádok, at the crossroads between the Low and High Tatras, offers all visitors stylish accommodation with the historical signature of the time, original vaults, authentic frescoes and antique furniture.

Treat yourself to a perfect vacation in a quiet castle environment, let your thoughts wander in the royal park and enjoy the romance that the manor house and the castle have been creating for several hundred years.