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Rest like a king and eat like a king. The castle kitchen will convince you with the first bite from the plate at the Magdalena Zai Restaurant can fulfill all your gourmet dreams. The Magdalena Zai restaurant is a place where, in addition to history, you can taste excellent food prepared with endless love and maximum respect for quality.

From first-class raw materials and fresh ingredients, we will create healthy and tasty dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet. We emphasize above all the use of local ingredients and seasonal products, which are the basis of honest home cooking. We do not usually cook historical dishes, because the variety of food that today’s gastronomy offers did not exist in the Middle Ages.


The menu includes “classics” of the royal court such as duck or deer. The sweet selection is characterized above all by our iconic Magdalena Zai Dessert – in the shape of a castle tower. Let yourself be convinced and come and enjoy the dishes, which combine tradition with modern gastronomic innovation.

International and domestic cuisine is complemented by a wine list with a wide range of quality wines from Slovak and foreign production. Have a wine recommended for your meal and elevate your gourmet experience to culinary heaven. We regularly update the menu according to the current offer and the season.


The castle restaurant is composed of four chambre séparées. Each has its own typical character.

To the left of the restaurant is the main room with a high ceiling and massive wooden beams. Here we will also offer you breakfast on a granite buffet table.

From the bar on the right, you can walk into the Fireplace Room and meditate by the crackling fire in the fireplace.

From there, you can continue up several marble steps to the arched hall with the piano.


During warm summer days, you will be delighted by the large covered terrace with a view of the castle park.

he terrace provides you with a pleasant sitting in a green environment that inspires businessmen, but also artists who are looking for peace and escape from the modern hectic world.

On our summer terrace, which is itself a work of art, you can refresh yourself pleasantly, either with a coffee or summer mixed drinks, which our castle staff will gladly prepare for you.

The extensive castle park also provides opportunities for summer picnics at sunset. In winter, the corridor next to the restaurant is an interesting substitute for the terrace.


The castle wine cellar is also an attractive space that Chateau GrandCastle can provide to its guests. High-quality Slovak and foreign wines were imported to the Castle already in the 17th century. This tradition continues even today, after more than four hundred years.

In the castle cellar, we can offer our guests a tasting of quality wines under the guidance of trained sommeliers. This space is also suitable for organizing duck and goose feasts, or parties for close circle of family or friends.

Premises and events in castle´s wine cellar are available to order. Please contact the reception for more informations.


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