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We apologize, as we dislike the strict formality and impersonal tone of legal language, however for legal, financial and insurance reasons, we are compelled to state the following in succinct legalese.

This is an agreement between you (“you” “the reader” “browser”) and AVANS s.r.o., /company running GrandCastle/ (“us” “we” “GrandCastle”), a company of limited liability based at Holubyho 1, 811 03 Bratislava, Slovak republic, email: , fax +421 2 544 12 271.

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• Nothing in this website constitutes an invitation to provide free products or services. Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice and are binding only upon formal written quotation by AVANS s.r.o.
• Although we have tried to be as diligent, accurate and precise as possible, we take no responsibility or liability for information presented herein and your choice to act upon it.
• On occasion we may link to select third party websites. Although we are careful in our choice of partners and associates, we take no responsibility for the content of their sites.
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• Any use of third party copyrighted material by ourselves is inadvertent and if identified by relevant copyright holders, we shall remove any such materials immediately, but without further compensation.
• We take your privacy seriously. We will not pass on any information you provide to us either explicitly or implicitly through the use of this web site to any third party except as strictly necessary to arrange third party service specifically requested on your behalf.

These terms do not govern the terms and conditions regarding the use of our products. Your attention is drawn to the specific terms provided to you upon quotation or confirmation of purchase/booking. In the event of any conflicting information, the terms for your specific purchase shall override anything herein. Should any dispute arise, prevailing law of the Slovak Republic shall be applied.